Instead using the traditional green garland for decorating a Dress Form Christmas tree, how about jazzing it up with other garland in other colors? For example gold –

Or Silver

Or Silver

To see the names of the people or businesses  who created the dress form Christmas trees on this post visit this Pinterest board which has more examples of non- green garland on dress form Christmas trees.

Here are some other colors, blue feathers – (this could also be used as a Mardi Gras tree)

Here is one with pink garland

White is probably the second favorite color for garland after green.

We made it easy for you to find the garland various styles and colors with this list of vendors on Amazon.

If you need a dress form or a step by step tutorial to show you how to make a dress form Christmas tree, list this link on our website. And you will get 10% off your purchase when you use the code MMBlog at checkout.

To see example of beautiful dress form holiday trees all year long, follow our Facebook group, and you can post your design there as well. 


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